Wednesday, July 27, 2011


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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mocha Candle Tutorial

Let's make this cute mocha candle!!

The supplies (I purchased it all at the $ store.
First you melt candles in one pot.

Make sure you only put it on medium heat and let it slowly melt.

Once it's all melted carefully remove the wicks.

In the other pot you are gonna melt the same candles but add cinnamon.

keep stirring the cinnamon

Remove the wicks.

Remove from heat.

You will have two pots with one cinnamon mixture and one clear.

Pour the cinnamon mixture into the glass mug. Let sit.

When your clear starts to harden. Keep stirring it.

After letting your mocha sit and harden in your mug you will add topping.

Your topping will be like this.

Place it onto the cinnamon mix in the glass mug.

Make a spot for your tea light.

Place your tea light and sprinkle with cinnamon & you have yourself a Mocha candle.
Change out the tea light and you can continue to use this candle over & over.. :)
Please don't let children make this candle alone.

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