Friday, May 31, 2013

Are you ever tired of all the road blocks in your life..

Do you ever feel that no matter what, every road you go down looks like this??
Or this?

And it feels like you always are going the wrong way
& have to go back & start again?

And you wonder which way is the right way or the wrong way?
Cause just when you thought you were going the right way it ends up to be the wrong way!
And your just sooo tired of the big mountains that always seem to be in the way!

Well you're NOT alone!!
But, no matter how many detours, or road blocks that come in our way we have to just....

That's right! NO MATTER WHAT!! If you have to start again, then start again!
Well, they say..
So tomorrow is a NEW day!!
I am going to sleep and tomorrow I will move mountains & so will YOU!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

How cute is this?

How cute is this?
This is how one of my customers used the Cupcake Card she purchased from me!
I just love it!
I am so grateful for all of my customers!!
If you would like to visit my Etsy Shop just click the link below! Hope everyone is having a great day/night!

10 Tips for Getting More Done Every Single Day

I found this awesome information on
 Just wanted to share.. Hope you enjoy!

10 Tips for Getting More Done Every Single Day

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10 Tips for Getting More Done Every Single Day--great advice for how to work more efficiently and make better use of your time!
I have a confession.
The list of things I want and need to do is always much longer than the list of things I actually accomplish.  I can’t do it all.  I wish I could.  I am constantly striving.  But at the end of the day, I’m usually just a girl who drops more balls than I catch.
And I’m okay with that.
You may remember that my New Year’s resolution this year was to do less and enjoy more.  This is such a hard concept for me.  There are so many things I want to do that I have a hard time slowing down, cutting things out, and not burning myself out.
This year I’ve made a few conscious adjustments to the way I do things, and it seems to be helping.
I am by no means perfect.  In fact, I’m so far from perfect, it’s not even funny.  Much to my own dismay, my house is not always clean, my kids are not always cute or well-dressed, my laundry tends to pile up, not every closet or cupboard is perfectly organized,  I’ve given up hope of ever parking our car in the garage, sometimes I pay our bills a few days late, and occasionally we eat cold cereal for dinner because I just don’t feel like cooking.
The type-A-perfectionist-overachiever in me gets frustrated by these failures, but the eternal optimist in me keeps hoping that someday it will all come together.
Until it does, here are my strategies for squeezing the most quality time out of every day:
1.  Set your priorities.
Take 10 minutes to write down your priorities and to examine who or what is important to you. Keep this list in a place where you can look at it frequently.  The amount of time you spend on things should be somewhat relative to how important it is in your life.  I realize that this is easier said than done, but life is short and moments are precious.  Don’t waste time on things that don’t matter.
2.  Set the timer.
I have found that setting the timer is the best way to motivate myself to do things that I don’t want to do and the best way to limit my time wasters.
For instance, I like to have a clean house but sometimes I can get a bit carried away, not wanting to do anything else until my house is spotless.  Limiting myself to 1 hour of cleaning time a day has made me realize that I can still function even if there are spots on the mirrors.  And more often than not, because I am racing against the clock, I get more speed cleaning done in that hour than I would otherwise.
Limiting the amount of time I spend on seemingly endless time-sucking tasks like email and facebook and twitter has helped too.  If I only have 15 minutes to sit at the computer, then I have to prioritize.
Finally, setting the timer provides motivation for things I hate doing, like paying the bills.  If I know I only have to do it for 45 minutes, I can force myself to sit down and focus.
3.  Take time to regroup
I try to give myself 10-15 minutes each morning to drink a cup of coffee, sit down with my planner and write down my to-do list.  Likewise, I try to take a few minutes at the end of the day to figure out what my plan is for the next day.  Knowing what is coming up, what I have to get done, and what I’d like to get done helps keep me focused.
4.  Set small weekly goals.
Several months ago I was inspired by this post on Ashley Ann Campbell’s lovely blog, Under the Sycamore.  Rather than make monthly goals, which I had always done in the past, Ashley wisely sets small weekly goals for herself in 4 categories.  On January 1st I resolved to try this new method and 7 weeks in, I’m amazed at how much more accomplished I feel.
Each week I set one goal for myself in the following areas:  Home Improvement, Organization, Project Completion, and Family Fun.  For my weekly organization goal, I choose a week out of Organize Now!: A Week-by-Week Guide to Simplify Your Space and Your Life, which is set up to give me a completely organized life over the course of one year.  I have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew.  This book helps me break things down into manageable pieces.  So far, it seems to be working.
5.  Use a planner and checklist.
There is something so satisfying about crossing completed items off your list.  Or maybe that’s just me.  I use a checklist each day because it helps me stay focused in spite of the billion distractions–kids, phone calls, email, errands, runaway dogs, etc.–I encounter each day.
I started using a planner this year after being without one for a long time.  Whenever something comes up, I write it down and no longer feel like I have a million things to remember taking up space in my head.  I also write down my weekly goals right in my planner so that I can stay on task.
6.  Involve your kids.
For the longest time I was trying to accomplish things around my kids until one day it finally occurred to me to let them help.  Sure, things may take a little longer, but instead of ignoring them and saying “not right now, mommy’s busy” we are spending quality time together.
Trouble loves helping unload the dishwasher, loading the washing machine, wiping the table, and picking up toys.  Princess, on the other hand, is a big help with sorting the laundry, hanging clothes, and clipping coupons.  And they both love to help me cook.  The hour or so before mealtime used to be extremely stressful, with 2 crabby, hungry, & whiney kids who just wanted my attention.  Now they want to help me make dinner every night and instead of dreading that time of day, I cherish it.
7.  Divide and conquer.
If you have small children at home, you know how hard it can be to accomplish anything while they are awake.  I try to split my to-do list into things I can do with the kids or while they are awake and things I need to accomplish while they are napping.  The second Trouble goes down for her nap I stop whatever awake-time task I was working on and switch to the nap-time list.  Like setting the timer, knowing I am working against the clock, I can usually focus and get a lot done during that time.
8.  Wake up early or stay up late.
I am a morning person, so getting up at 5am doesn’t bother me.  And to be perfectly honest, I love the peace and quiet and alone time I get at that time of day.  However, since I have had kids, I also stay up much later than I used to, usually until 11pm or midnight.  Those hours after the kids have gone to bed or before they wake up can be so productive.  I figure there will be plenty of time for sleep when they’re teenagers, right?
9.  Avoid television.
Husband and I have one show that we enjoy and watch regularly, but otherwise we rarely turn on the TV.  And honestly, I don’t feel like I’m missing anything.  There are so many things that far outrank television on my priority list that it doesn’t seem like a sacrifice.
10.  Give yourself a break
For me, this is the hardest part.  But I’m learning.  Luckily I have a great husband who not only helps out around the house, but helps remind me of my priorities and tells me its okay if I can’t do it all.
Because no one can do it all.  It is just not possible.  So try to relax, do what you can, take a break when you need it, and don’t get so caught up in your to-do list that you forget to take each moment as it comes.

Life is short.

Moments are precious.

Don’t waste time on things that don’t matter.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

CuTe SIgN..

Tips for staying focused with ADD

Tips for Maintaining Focus

Have you ever been reading, gotten to the end of the page, and wondered -- “What on earth did I just read?” Rather than absorbing the words and understanding what was written, has your mind simply wandered midway through the page onto something else?
Does this sometimes happen when others are talking to you? Then there is that awkward pause, where you are expected to reply but you have no idea what the other person just said. What if they had given you specific directions and you haven’t a clue what they were because your mind was off on something else.
You are not alone. This is common for those with ADD. The trick is finding strategies that can keep your mind from drifting. In her book, The New Attention Deficit Disorder In Adults Workbook, Dr. Lynn Weiss calls this learning to “anchor your attention” and she provides some simple strategies.
Anchoring your attention is an important skill. As your attention drifts, the likelihood that you will miss important information increases. The next time you feel yourself losing focus, try these tips.
The first step is awareness. Be aware that you mind tends to wander and try to catch yourself as it does.

Tips For Dealing With Intervening Thoughts While Reading

If you are reading a page in a book and you realize you haven’t comprehended the words because your mind is thinking about something else, Dr. Weiss suggests placing your finger by the paragraph in the book approximately where you began to lose focus.
Decide whether you will continue reading or spend time on your other thoughts. If reading is a priority, take a brief moment to jot down the thoughts that made you drift. You can jot down a few key words or draw a quick picture to remind you. By doing this, you can put these thoughts on hold to return to as soon as you finish reading. Your note will serve as a visual reminder of your intervening thought.
Now you can refocus on your reading and return to your creative thoughts as soon as your reading is complete.

What About When Your Mind Drifts During Conversations?

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking a person to repeat what he has said. If you catch yourself drifting during a conversation and realize you have no idea what was just said, simply ask for it to be repeated. Not only do you get to hear what is said, but by asking you are also letting that person know that what he says is important.

Repeat Back

Ever heard of active listening? It is making a conscious effort to attend to what is being said and restating the message that is being conveyed by the speaker. As someone is talking to you, try to paraphrase back what is said periodically during the conversation. This keeps you active and involved and helps assure that you are getting and understanding the important points the speaker is trying to convey.

Physical Strategies

Dr. Weiss explains that physical reinforcement is also helpful in anchoring your attention. Nodding your head slightly during the conversation, maintaining eye contact –- these tactics help you actively affirm to yourself that you are paying attention and help keep your focus on the speaker.
Here is another strategy. If you feel yourself becoming bored in a conversation or while listening to a lecture or in a meeting, grit your teeth, move your toes around in your shoes, or try other techniques that are quiet and unnoticeable but stimulate you enough to refocus.
It is often helpful to hold something tactile in your hands to help you stimulate alertness -- a pencil, a paperclip, a small eraser, a marble, a pad for doodling (if you are in a meeting or lecture).

Practice Makes Perfect

Don’t get discouraged and don’t be too hard on yourself when you experience setbacks. Understand that your mind will most certainly drift at times. Practice these techniques and any other strategies that work for you. Try to view things in a positive light and use humor rather than being hard on yourself. Value your strengths and know that we all have areas to improve upon. The trick is finding strategies that work for you and practicing these techniques again and again and again.
Lynn Weiss, Ph.D. The New Attention Deficit Disorder In Adults Workbook (Companion to Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults, 4th Edition). Taylor Trade Publishing. 2005.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Easy Chicken & Steak Fajitas

These Steak & Chicken fajitas are so good, sooo easy & super quick!!
You can cook them together or separate.
I just made them together cause I couldn't figure out if I wanted chicken or steak..
So, cooking them both.. settled it!! :)
Tyson has grilled & ready Steak & Chicken
which has great flavor!!

Just add some strips, cut up your bell peppers
Cook till they are no longer frozen.
Tada!! Yep!! It's that SIMPLE!!!
Just throw them in a whole wheat tortilla, or tortilla of your
You can add sauce of any kind.. but I like them
just like this!!
Hope you try them & LOVE em!! <3

This is the very reason I am an "Inspirational" Artist..

   So I have this sign in my Etsy Shop.. and I received this message regarding it today...
Just wanted to say thanks, I am in a real hard time right now, and it was great to see your Hebrews 11:1 sign about faith, because right now that is all I have left in my trial, and I just asked God for a word, before I scrolled down and saw your sign, that is a 'sign' for me, thanks...
I would much rather be used for this purpose then to have sold the sign.. Anyday!
I am beyond blessed to have had God use me to inspire or uplift someone while they are going through a hard time..
This is the exact reason I am an "Inspirational" Artist.. because I want my Art or creations to do exactly what it did for this person today!! I know what it feels like to go through hard times and want to help and encourage others through them.
Thank you Lord, for using me to uplift someone today!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


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Friday, May 10, 2013

Mexican Corn

All you need is to cook your corn..
& add..
Chili Powder
Parmesan Cheese
That's it!
Super quick & sooo good!!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Quick & Easy chicken & black bean tacos

Aother easy taco recipe!!
Chicken & black bean tacos
What you will need
black beans
First cook your chicken
add all together and add some lime.
Sooo good & EASY!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"I love you to the moon & back" Sign Tutorial

"I love you to the moon & back"
Sign Tutorial
First you will base paint a piece of wood any color of your choice.
Then print out any saying you want.
Place it on the wood.
Then you seal it with modge podge.

After it's dry, you will sand it.

After it's sanded, seal again with modge podge.

Tada!! A super cute & easy sign!!
Lots more tutorials are coming so check back often!!
Hope you have a great day/night!!
Daisy Girl..<3

Monday, May 6, 2013

Vegi Teriyaki over brown rice

Vegi Teriyaki over brown rice
This recipe is SOO easy!!
You will need..
Brocolli, Carrots & Cauliflower.
I buy them in a bag.
Teriyaki Sauce
& brown rice..
That's it!
                        You can add chicken if you want also.
Add vegis with 1/4 cup water in a pan, cover.
Let it cook til vegis are soft, then add 1/2 part teriyaki sauce 1/2 part water.
If your teriaki sauce isn't strong tasting, you can add less water.
Simmer for 5 minutes or so.
Cook brown rice.
Add teriyaki vegis on top of brown rice, and enjoy!

The Gifts Of Imperfection..

"It's going to bed at night thinking, Yes, I am imperfect and vulnerable and sometimes afraid, but that doesn't change the truth that I am also brave and worthy of love and belonging." ~ Brene Brown
This is the book I am reading right now, and I'm loving it.. <3

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tilapia & Avacado Tacos.. Yumm!!

You will need
1/4 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 tsps Teriyaki Sauce
1/2 tsp Cumin
1 tsp Chili Powder
1 tsp Minced Garlic
2 tbsp Lemon Juice
White corn tortillas
Toppings are optional..
You can add whatever you want to them.
I added
Red Cabbage
& Lime..
                                      Merinate the tilapia for about 15-20 minutes

Cook tiliapia flipping to both sides until cooked through.
Do NOT burn cause burnt meat is not suppose to be good for you.

I then break up the tilapia and continue to cook as I stir it around.
Again NOT burning the tilapia.

I warm the tortillas on the grill and make my tacos..
They are soo EASY & soo GOOD!!
I hope you ENJOY!! :)