Wednesday, May 15, 2013

This is the very reason I am an "Inspirational" Artist..

   So I have this sign in my Etsy Shop.. and I received this message regarding it today...
Just wanted to say thanks, I am in a real hard time right now, and it was great to see your Hebrews 11:1 sign about faith, because right now that is all I have left in my trial, and I just asked God for a word, before I scrolled down and saw your sign, that is a 'sign' for me, thanks...
I would much rather be used for this purpose then to have sold the sign.. Anyday!
I am beyond blessed to have had God use me to inspire or uplift someone while they are going through a hard time..
This is the exact reason I am an "Inspirational" Artist.. because I want my Art or creations to do exactly what it did for this person today!! I know what it feels like to go through hard times and want to help and encourage others through them.
Thank you Lord, for using me to uplift someone today!!


  1. Isn't it wonderful when God sends us those personal messages that let us know he cares and is paying attention to us individually; it's like one-on-one between us and God. You are inspiring and I hope you also are lifted up.

    1. It really is!! I was very blessed that he shared it with me.. Made my day!! God is good!! <3