About me..

Who is Daisy Girl? Well, I am a single moma to the two most amazing kids ever.. I'm a girl with lots of faith.. I have always loved to create and have always dreamed about having my creations in Shops all over.. It wasn't until a few years back when my life turned upside down, thru a divorce did I realize, life is too short to not follow your dreams. So, I decided to work on getting my stuff into shops.. It hasn't been easy (at all) but so worth it. I create Inspirational Art and the reason for that is because I have been a lot of hard things in my life, and my hope is with my Art, my experiences and my faith that I can inspire, uplift and encourage others. That is my ultimate dream as well as being the best mom I can be to my kids. Some wonder why I chose the name Daisy Girl.. well a few years back as I was going thru one of the hardest times in my life.. I was searching for anything online to help lift my spirits anything that would uplift and encourage me thru that hard time, something that would let me know that I was gonna be ok. I came across something amazing.. Something that was life changing for me. I came across something Melody Ross had wrote.. It was saying to be YOUrself even with your flaws to embrace who you are! That it's ok being YOU ..just the way you are! It said to stop trying to besomeone else just because someone might not like something about you.. It said to be YOUrself and to embrace YOUrself.. and if you aren't a certain kind of flower don't try to be that kind of flower.. that if you're a DAISY then be that DAISY and be the wildest craziest DAISY you can be.. Well, that stuck!  It was exactly what I needed to hear. The fact that the DAISY was my favorite flower, was even better.. So, I sat there and thought.. I am a DAISY GIRL.. that's who I am.. it was perfect for me! Then I thought what does that mean and who is DAISY GIRL? So, I sat down and I came up with this....  I'm D..etermined  I'm A..rtistic I'm I..nspiring.. I'm S..trong and I'm Y..oung at heart.. ha!  So there you have it.. that's where DAISY GIRL came from.. I own it and embrace it! Because regardless what someone else might think.. I'm now ok with being ME aka DAISY GIRL.. <3

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  1. so inspiring! thank you for sharing YOU! xoxoxo