Monday, December 17, 2012

People who inspire me..

Hi guys!!
I'm going to start sharing about the people who ispire me here on my blog..
I will share one of my inspirations each week.
There's a big list.. and who knows.. Your name might be one of them. ;)
So, hope when I share my inspirations, they may either inspire you or inspire you to inspire others.. My goal in life is to inspire others.. that is one of the reasons my art is all mainly inspirational. Because being I'm kindof a quite person (sometimes) lol..  I figure I can atleast inspire with my art.
I love people that are REAL.
Those are the types of people that inspire me most. I have many people from all different areas of my life that inspire me, so this will be a broad list of different people. One week it may be an artist, the next it may be a friend, or just someone random.
So, I hope you enjoy my inspirations and I hope it inspires you.. Please feel free to follow my blog. Thanks!!
Hope you guys have an awesome day!!
Daisy girl

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