Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yumm!! Sweet Strawberries!!

So as I posted the other day about my sweet neighbor and how she brought over some strawberries and all the stuff to go along with them to make strawberry shortcake..
So sweet!! Right?
Well..They were so good!!
After we wiped out the Angel food cake.
We still had TONS of strawberries.
I was starting to worry they would go bad..
Hey I'm a single mom, no wasting in this house!! lol ;)
So, I washed a few baskets to go in the fridge to just snack on etc..
Then I cleaned and cut some up to freeze.
They are by far way to good to let go to waste! 

These will be perfect for smoothies!! :)
I will have to make some strawberry smoothies from them and share the recipe at a later time..

Then I melted some of my favorite dark chocolate and dipped
them.. Ohhh man!! Sooo good!! ;)

So no wasting this awesome gift my neighbor shared with us!!
My heart is full of gratitude for the amazing people I have in my life.. <3

Found this little mishap in there..
It reminded me of Angels Wings.
I hope you all had or have and amazing day!!
Lots of love to you!!
Daisy Girl.. <3


  1. A strawberry never goes bad in this house. I love chocolate dipped stawberries, so I eat those like crazy, but my DD - she is the one you have to watch. I by a box of strawberries, and she will tear through them in 30 minutes. She snacks on them like most kids snack on chips. I don't mind - this time of year they are a good price, and so good for her! :-)

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    1. Hi Melanie! I would much rather my kids snack on strawberries than chips too! :) I looked up the benefits of strawberries.. Lots of good benefits by eating them!! Thanks for stopping by!