Saturday, December 14, 2013

Your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth..

That's right!
You are exactly who you are suppose to be..
Some people will see how worthy you are and some will not see your worth.
It's their loss.
Always remember to value yourself.
because regardless of anyone's opinion of you..


  1. Melanie, I can relate here. People look for any little flaw and then they try to expose it. I try to encourage people everyday and even when I don't feel like it.(Lol) You are completely right about opinions too. I've had to learn everything the hard way, but at least I learned. "You are exactly who you are suppose to be." I love that line and completely agree. We didn't do too bad in life.(Lol) At least we know who we are. From what I've seen your also a great "Artist." Have a great weekend:) Chris

    1. Hey Chris.. I'm glad you agree.. I do exactly the same thing. I always try to uplift and encourage others even when I don't feel uplifted or encouraged myself. lol But, it's about giving an helping others.. that's has always been the direction my heart has taken me. :) And it is the lessons that we have learned along the way that have brought us to this place.. I am grateful for the lessons although sometimes I feel like I've learned enough.. lol. Thank you very much.. that is very sweet.. I love to create and paint and inspire people through my Art.. that is the part I love it about the most.. :) I am just getting back into it.. I got a distracted for several months.. (another lesson.. lol) But, I am feeling inspired again and my passion is coming back. Ready to get back into it. It makes me happy. :) I knew right away when I went on your blog, that you were someone that I was going to get along with. :) Hope you have a great weekend too!! Melanie