Thursday, July 10, 2014

Chasing your dream alone..

I am a dreamer, I dream big!! I have a desire in my heart for things I want so badly. I've faced lots roadblocks, huge bumps and have shed many tears while chasing my dreams. There have been times I've just felt like giving up.. I often have tried to share my dreams with friends and family.. But they don't seem to have interest in what my heart desires, and for a long time I let that hurt me and keep me back at times from chasing my dreams. I thought I needed the approval, or encouragement that my dreams were good.. Until one day I found myself alone and sad because I felt like my dreams were never going to become a reality.. Hurt by the people who didn't support me or believe in me. But then I realized this dream is in ME! Not them.. They don't get it. They don't feel it. They don't feel the burning desire inside like I feel. That's why their not interested.. And that's ok. It's ok to be alone and chase YOUR dreams.. You don't need to wait for others to support you or believe in you. You just need to believe in yourself.. God has put that desire in your heart for a reason. Don't let it go.. Keep chasing them! You will thank yourself later. I promise.. <3


  1. Truth girl! I found you by way of Casey's blog. I agree- being alone while pursuing your dreams can be terrifying. I am learning a lot about trusting God and not relying on earthly approval, but IT IS SO HARD! Keep after it, God is forever faithful

    1. Hi!! I'm so glad you stopped by! :) I will go check out yours too!! And yes He is!! Always!!